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Second grade is where students grow so much, both physically and intellectually. We read all the time. Whether a student reads on a much higher level of a bit lower than second grade level, they learn to enjoy reading and make it meaningful. They are read to every day, and they read everyday. We explore many types of genres. This gives the students variety. Eventually they know what type of stories and books they like to read. They have access to many books in the classroom and the school library. In the classroom we read in literature circles. This is where they learn to retell stories in different ways; by acting them out, making pictures or dioramas of their favorite parts to share with the class, keeping a log that shows their feelings as they read the story. Each sentence on this log begins with statements like “I can’t believe that…”, “this reminds me of…” or “wow…”. They share these statements with their group, and it adds so much meaning to the discussion.Students use reading in all of the subject areas. They learn to write like a reader first, then write like a writer. They use different strategies for their writing.

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