Welcome to MCDS Title I

Mountain Discovery has chosen to use its Title I revenue to implement a reading intervention program which helps students improve their phonics, decoding, and comprehension skills. Students in the program will receive small group or one-on-one instruction Monday through Friday.


At MDCS, we use the UFLI Foundations phonics curriculum for our K-2 students in need of additional reading support. The curriculum targets the specific skills of Phoneme blending and segmentation practice, Accuracy and automaticity of grapheme-phoneme correspondences, Decoding automaticity of words with previously learned concepts, Explicit introduction of new concepts, Decoding and encoding practice, Reading and spelling irregular words, and Reading and spelling connected text. 


In addition to phonics instruction for our lower grade students, third-fifth grade students receive support in reading comprehension through a reading portfolio.


For more information regarding the Title 1 Program at MDCS, please contact Tracy Wharton at twharton@mountaindiscovery.org


Parent Involvement Policy

The Mountain Discovery Charter School program is designed to nourish and facilitate the natural and individual abilities of each child in reaching ambitious academic goals in a multifaceted hands-on course of study. For that design to succeed, it must extend beyond the classroom walls to recognize and incorporate the home and family as vital parts of the process. Mountain Discovery Charter School recognizes that:

  1. Parent and family participation maximizes student learning.
    2. Early involvement of parents in their child’s education is essential and establishes patterns and practices that will last a lifetime.
    3. Home and community are vital extensions of the learning environment.
    4. Families bring culture, language and values that connect home and school.
    5. Parents are empowered when involved as full partners in ongoing relationships with teachers.
    6. Partnerships between schools and families benefit the child, the family, and the school.

For more information regarding the importance of Parent Involvement, please see the Parent and Family Involvement Guide provided by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

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