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Mountain Discovery EOG Results

As required by the state of North Carolina, Mountain Discovery administers End of Grade testing to 3rd through 8th grades in Math and English Language Arts. In addition, 5th and 8th graders take a Science EOG. Middle school students enrolled in Math 1 also take a state required End of Course test. All tests are administered at the end of the year in the state determined testing window. MDCS uses the test results as one of the many data points to measure student growth and grade level proficiency. Individual results are made available to parents as soon as the state allows.

The tables below present testing results from the past 5 years. Hover over the column headings if you don’t understand the terms or to get more details on the data. A small window should pop up with more information.

Our generally outstanding test results are validation that making learning fun, engaging, and relevant for our children gives them the tools they need to succeed in the world at large. Although I can’t prove it, I believe that the results also reflect our attention to every student’s social, emotional, and physical well being. If you want to learn more about the educational experience that lies behind our excellent performance on tests, visit our director’s page for a guided tour of our website.

At the very least, visit the Meet Our Staff page to learn something about the amazing people behind our success. As an administrator, I am honored to work with such a talented and dedicated staff. As a parent of two MDCS alumni, I can personally attest to the wonderful results of an MDCS education and I am blessed that it was an option for my children.


Carter Petty


2022 3rd Grade Read to Achieve Results.

2022 3rd Grade Read to Achieve Results. 

MDCS EOG Results 2015-Present

(Column headings explained below the table)

MDCS PC State PC Diff. Growth %ile SPG
No Score or Letter Grade Due to COVID-19 (2019-2021)
EOG Overall 75.4 ** ** Exceeded ** B
Math 66.1 58.6 7.5 Met ** C
Reading 77.1 57.2 19.9 Exceeded ** B
Science 94.7 75.5 19.2 ** ** N/A
EOG Overall 75.7 58.8 16.9 Met 89.4 B
Math 71.8 56.1 15.7 Met 84 B
Reading 78.7 57.3 21.4 Met 94.2 B
Science 77.8 72.1 5.7 ** 64.9 N/A
EOG Overall 81.9 58.8 23.1 Met 94.6 B
Math 72.5 55.4 17.1 Met 83.3 B
Reading 86.2 57.5 28.7 Met 98 A
Science >95* 72.8 >22.2 Met 97.6 N/A
EOG Overall 79.6 58.2 21.4 Met 91.0 B
Math 75.2 54.7 20.5 High 87.4 B
Reading 78.7 56.9 21.8 Met 93.4 B
Science 89.6 72.7 16.9 Met 91.0 N/A
EOG Overall 72.1 56.6 15.5 Met 84.2 B
Math 63.9 52.2 11.7 High 73.7 C
Reading 73.1 56.3 16.8 Met 87.8 B
Science 87.2 68.8 18.4 Met 91.2 N/A

MDCS PC: The percentage of state tests on which MDCS students scored at a Level 3 (proficient at grade level) or higher. PC = Performance Composite

State PC: The percentage of state tests on which North Carolina students scored at a Level 3 (proficient at grade level) or higher. PC = Performance Composite

Diff: Number of percentage points by which MDCS outperformed statewide results (Col.2- Col.3).

Growth: Target EOG scores are calculated for each student based on the preceding year’s score. If a student meets or exceeds his/her individual target scores s/he has met growth expectations. A school meets growth expectations if about 50% of students meet their individual targets on a test. A school achieves high growth status if at least 60% of students meet their individual target scores.

%ile: The percentage of North Carolina K-8 schools that MDCS outperfomed on a given test or tests.

SPG: School Performance Grade in accordance with the new state rating system implemented in 2014. For additional information, use the links at the bottom of the page.

*FERPA regulations prevent us from reporting exact percentages if they are over 95%.

**Data not availabe.

MDCS SPC Summary 2015-Present

(SPC Scores are a combination of a school’s PC and Growth numbers. Click Here to learn more about how this metric is computed.)


Year SPC Number SPC Letter
2020-21 No Score or Letter Grade
2019-20 No Score or Letter Grade
2018-19 77 B
2017-18 76.6 B
2016-17 83 B
2015-16 80 B
2014-15 74 B


Our SPG Calculation page has a good discussion of the formula for SPG’s.

Accountability Data Sets and Reports is a DPI page with enough information for even the most data-driven reader. Pour yourself a strong cup of coffee.

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