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Mountain Discovery EOG Results

As required by the state of North Carolina, Mountain Discovery administers End of Grade testing to 3rd through 8th grades in Math and English Language Arts. In addition, 5th and 8th graders take a Science EOG. Middle school students enrolled in Math 1 also take a state required End of Course test. All tests are administered at the end of the year in the state determined testing window. MDCS uses the test results as one of the many data points to measure student growth and grade level proficiency. Individual results are made available to parents as soon as the state allows.


2023 3rd Grade Read to Achieve Results.

2023 3rd Grade Read to Achieve Results. 

MDCS SPG Summary 2017-Present

(SPG Scores are a combination of a school’s PC and Growth numbers. Click Here to learn more about how this metric is computed.)




Year SPC Number SPC Letter
2022-2023 63 C
2021-22 61 C
2020-21 No Score or Letter Grade
2019-20 No Score or Letter Grade
2018-19 77 B
2017-18 76.6 B
2016-17 83 B


Our SPG Calculation page has a good discussion of the formula for SPG’s.

Accountability Data Sets and Reports is a DPI page with enough information for even the most data-driven reader. Pour yourself a strong cup of coffee.

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