Director’s Page


“Self-esteem is not built from compliments. It is built from accomplishments of quality.”

-Ron Berger

Welcome to!

As I began working to update my letter for the website, I was hit by a realization; the website is my director’s letter. Everything I want to say about the school is said or demonstrated in these pages because we designed and coded the site to communicate the quality and uniqueness of our school. The best way to learn about our school is to take a tour through our website.

Visit the classroom homepages. You will get a feel for each teacher’s curriculum, philosophy, projects, and more.

Visit Education Outdoors to see some concrete and wonderful examples of our instructional approach.

Read the EOG Results page to learn about our continued excellence on the state tests.

Visit School Overview for information on our instructional approach, special programs, links to school report cards, and more.

And finally, please read the Meet Our Staff page to learn something about the people who define our school. A school is as good as its staff, and ours is excellent.

There is one thing that is not said explicitly on these pages but the message is there between all of the lines of copy and code. We care very deeply about what we do which is to serve and challenge the whole child, emotionally, mentally, socially, and physically.

I hope you find your visit to our website both informative and inspiring and please bear in mind that our cyber-presence is a mere shadow of the real thing. We’re even better in person.


Carter Petty

Mountain Discovery School