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Greetings Mountain Discovery Families: 

Welcome to the Mountain Discovery Charter School.  We are pleased that you are part of our community.  We are committed to inspiring students to lead their learning.  We believe strongly in the value of collaboration and teamwork; and, these principles are the foundation for our leadership model at MDCS.   


We have a Co-Director model of leadership consisting of three of us, Crim Bassett – Director of Human Relations and Operations, Tracy Wharton – Director of Student Services and Accountability, and Billie Clemens – Director of Teaching and Learning.  We work as a team to provide a learning environment that encourages self-discovery, responsibility, and a sense of awe and wonder.


This unique leadership model involves consensus decision making, equal sharing of all leadership responsibilities, and greater flexibility and availability to address student and parent issues. Our diverse backgrounds and experiences enable us to analyze and approach situations from a variety of perspectives. We each have our individual strengths and areas of expertise but we work collectively to serve the MDCS community.


What does this mean for you?  Who do you speak with when you have questions or concerns?  The answer is simple, just ask to speak to one of the Directors.  You do not need to be concerned with asking for the right person.  We will take care of making sure the information gets to the right person.  The advantage is that at least one of us is usually available to speak with you.  Who is the head person?  Who is the go to?  The answer, we are, we are equals. You may ask, where is Carter Petty?  Carter has stepped away from the day-to-day operations but has maintained the role of Chief Financial Officer and is still involved in the long-term development and planning of MDCS.  


We know this seems a little “outside the box”, but that is why you chose MDCS.  It allows us to make important decisions based on a variety of perspectives, it provides you, the parent, with more access to the leadership of your child’s school, and most importantly, models for our students true collaboration and teamwork.  


Warmest Regards,

Crim, Tracy, and Billie

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