Exceptional Children


“Helping Exceptional Children Reach Their Potential in the Least Restrictive Environment”

At Mountain Discovery, we strive to create an environment that celebrates inclusion and diversity and that allows each child to discover their own unique potential. We pride ourselves on serving the whole child. We collaborate as an integrated team with teachers, parents, related services professionals, support staff, and the students to develop effective Individual Special Education Plans for each student.

The E.C. Department’s goals are to provide innovative research based strategies and interventions to support all of our students’ academic, social, and functional growth. By utilizing a least restrictive inclusion model of services, exceptional students are in the regular classrooms with their peers as much as possible. This allows all students to participate as active classroom community members. We are here to provide the support and tools they need to successfully access and navigate the North Carolina Curriculum for their grade. Extra support, small group and one on one instruction are offered as needed and on a regular basis. Each student is provided the opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills, and insight to lead productive lives.



Web links for parents:

National Center For Learning Disabilities
Web Resources for Special Education
Learning Disabilities and ADHD
Handbook Of Parent Rights/Policies Governing Services
Handbook of Parent Rights

Emily Herndon - EC Teacher
Emily joins Mountain Discovery Charter School with over 10 years of experience as a classroom teacher and is looking forward to her new role in the Exceptional Children’s Department. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education with a concentration in History in 2007. Her love of the outdoors, nature, and philosophy of education match perfectly with MDCS. “I am eager to continue my teaching and learning career in such a warm and inviting environment.” In her free time, Emily enjoys reading, cooking and traveling. She has visited many different ...
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Tracy Wharton - Interim Assistant Director & EC Coordinator
Tracy Wharton joins Mountain Discovery Charter School with over 10 years of experience in education. Her career in education began as a middle school math teacher. Varied experiences have afforded her the opportunity to work in various settings and grade levels from kindergarten through twelfth grade. After several years teaching math, she had the opportunity to work in a Day Treatment setting providing instruction in all content areas to at-risk students in 6th - 12th grades. This experience guided her toward pursuing a career shift to Exceptional Children's Services. Tracy spent two years working as inclusion teacher with high school ...
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Sarah Mwaniki - EC Teacher
Sarah Mwaniki My name is Ms. Mwaniki and I am thrilled to begin the year with you at Mountain Discovery Charter School. I am from Asheville and have lived in Sylva for the past 13 years. I am married and have a one year old daughter named Betty. She is a very happy and active child! I moved to Sylva in 2008 to attend Western Carolina University and graduated in 2012. My Bachelor’s Degree is in Sociology. During my Junior year of college, I studied abroad in Kenya and learned about the educational system,culture, and people. During my experience in ...
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Sarah Rave
Sarah Rave Sarah began working as an EC Assistant in 2008 and has held a variety of positions since that time including Classroom Assistant, Middle School ELA/SS teacher, IT Manager, and more. Sarah loves being part of the MDCS learning community and is an enthusiastic lifelong learner. She lives in Sylva with her husband and a plethora of dogs and cats ...
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