Welcome to Kindergarten!! This is the year your students really start to understand what school is all about. I hope to instill a love for learning in this classroom. In this classroom we love to have fun and laugh but also take our learning seriously. In Kindergarten students not only learn how to do academics in school, but also this is an excellent time to grow their social and emotional skills. We use any opportunity we have to not only learn academics, but on how to be a good friend and student. I have learned that any day in kindergarten we can always learn about being a good friend.

At MDCS we really like exploring learning and the great outdoors around us. In this class we like to do hands-on activities that get the students thinking for themselves. I come from a special education background, which I feel helps me understand the different types of learning for different students. I feel like not all students learn the same, so as a teacher it is my job to have different options and outlets for students to learn from. I cannot wait to take on this journey with everyone. 

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