Brook Stillman is a graduate from WCU with a degree in Elementary Education and certification for Middle School math.  She was born and raised in a small town in Upstate NY.  After graduating, she decided to stay in the area and began substituting in Swain county and for MDCS.  She was initially hired at MDCS as a teacher assistant and Title I teacher.  After 2 years, an opening came available to teach Middle School math and she was the woman for the job.  


Brook has been with MDCS 19 years.  She has a passion for math and athletics.  In 2006, with help of a colleague, she implemented an organized PE program for the MDCS middle school students.  In 2012 she started the school’s Cross Country program and in 2018 started the school’s basketball program.  


Brook’s classroom is a place where students master the basics and then are challenged to learn as much as they can.  Students can leave middle school ready to take 11th grade math as they enter high school.  Brook believes Fact Fluency is the most valuable skill students need to acquire.  After that, it is all about hard work and confidence. 


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