As a kid I spent my time reading books about early American history and Native American culture.  This lifelong interest in culture, history, and society led me to study Anthropology and Sociology in college.  While working on my degree from Clarion University of Pennsylvania I worked with AmeriCorps programs that helped me develop a service ethic and a love for teaching and working with children.  About the same time I began to study the craft of blacksmithing.  In the years since I have worked as a professional artisan and teacher.  I have also held various positions providing therapeutic support to adolescents. My goal is to help my students develop the ability to use critical thinking skills when looking at events both historically and currently.  Students will learn to read and analyze source material thoroughly, write effectively, and discuss various topics in a respectful manner. Aside from studying history, culture, and craft I am also an avid outdoorsman and love to practice traditional survival skills such as flint knapping, fire starting, basketmaking, and toolmaking.  I’m also known to pick up a guitar, mandolin, or banjo and strum some chords every once in a while. When I can I prefer to spend my time hiking, canoeing, and camping with my wife and kids.


Mountain Discovery School