Luke Webb

After exploring various career paths, Mr. Luke decided he wanted a profession that allowed him to make a positive impact in his community. Teaching fit the bill. Mr. Luke sees it as a way to pass on his life long love of learning to the next generation.

He was born in Boone, NC and grew up in Sylva. The son of a studio artist turned educator and a Lutheran minister, his teaching practice centers on compassion, creativity and critical thinking. He holds degrees from Berea College and WCU. Prior to pursuing his teaching credentials he worked as a Land Surveying Technician during the week and as a Live Audio Engineer on the weekends. His hobbies include making music, creating visual art and hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains.

During the “remote/hybrid” stage of pandemic learning, Mr. Luke completed his teaching internship at MDCS in the same 4th grade classroom where he now serves, under the the supervision of Ms. Londa. He showed his dedication to teaching during this most challenging time by providing students with authentic and individualized instruction, whether online or in person. After graduating from WCU’s School of Teaching and Learning, he worked as a substitute teacher at MDCS where he continued to build rapport with students and staff. Mr. Luke is delighted to join the faculty at MDCS as this represents the culmination of years of hard work and provides the perfect opportunity to fulfill his original objective- to create a positive impact through education.

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