Mari was born in Indiana, grew up on the gulf coast of Florida and moved to the mountains in her early 20s. Children and families have always been a part of Mari’s life, from babysitting as a teenager, to working at the YMCA after school programs, the Boys and Girls Club after school and summer programs, then eventually Early Childhood Education. Mari enjoyed the Early Childhood age group so much that she decided to pursue a BA in Birth through Kindergarten Education at WCU. After twelve years in Early Education, the transition to Kindergarten was a natural next step! Mari says, “MDCS is like mine and my children’s second home in every sense of the word. I chose this school specifically for my son when he started Kindergarten, and once the opportunity arose to work at Mountain Discovery, I instantly knew what the rest of my life in the education world looked like!”
Mari also has a daughter that attends MDCS, she is in first grade this year and her son is in third grade. The three of them enjoy after school sports, swimming in the lake and hanging out at home on the mini farm with all the animals.

Mountain Discovery School