Electives will meet on alternate days this year. Elective 1 will meet on Monday and Wednesday afternoons and Elective 2 will meet on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Choices for Elective 1: Journalism, World Music Exploration, Ceramics, Teacher Assistant, Spanish, Study Hall,
Choices for Elective 2: Sports, Advanced Band, Art Lab, Teacher Assistant, Campus Improvement, Study Hall,

Students who are not in good academic standing will be required to attend study hall. We define good academic standing as a “C” average or better and current on all assignments. Teachers may require students to attend study hall if they miss a deadline for homework or class work.

Course Descriptions

Study Hall: Ms. Nicole

Study Hall is for motivated students who want to use a little more school time to complete homework and are capable of working independently. Qualifying students will be monitored by Ms. Nicole. Students will be placed based on their ability to be respectful of everyone's need for a "library-esque" atmosphere.

Interventions placements will be made by school staff. Students will be placed as required in one or two sections of this offering. Check your confirmation page and email to see if you have been placed in one or both of the Intervention offerings.

Art Lab: Ms. Krista

In this elective, artists explore two dimensional art forms while experimenting with a wide range of materials and media. Artists will have the opportunity to work on drawing and painting and gain exposure to processes such as printmaking, book binding, weaving, and mixed media. This quarter students will create lightboxes, infinity books, weavings, and altered artworks.

Ceramics: Ms. Krista

In this elective students will use clay as their primary means of expression. We will work on hand-building techniques and learn how to throw on the wheel. Throughout the quarter, student artists will create a variety of containers and sculptural pieces that demonstrate their experiments with creating texture, applying glaze, and how the clay is fired. There will be a $5.00 studio fee for this class that will be collected the first week.

Sports: Ms. Brook

Offerings will be hockey and soccer. Please remember that along with playing games, students are required to learn skills, run, do push ups, sit ups, work hard, and have fun!

Campus Improvement: Ms. Camille

Students will survey the campus, create proposals and send them to Ms. Edie for approval, raise business support (Ingles, Lowes, Home Depot, Clampitts), create budgets and then put the projects into action! Painting, sporting equipment, power-washing, cleaning, planting, etc. are all possibilities. This class will encompass math (budgeting), creative thinking and writing (proposals), art (painting, graphic design), nature and hard work

Journalism: Ms. Sarah

Join Ms. Sarah and fellow middle school students as we write and publish our newly created Middle School Monthly newspaper and work to plan the 2018-19 MDCS Yearbook. Students will be responsible for writing stories, interviewing teachers and students about class activities, expeditions, and field trips, collecting and formatting pictures, and creating the layout/design of the newspaper. Be prepared to be creative, do a lot of writing, collaborating, brainstorming, and to have a lot of fun.

Spanish: Ms. Sarah Burkey

Students will explore Spanish language through conversation, song, reading, writing, and cultural experiences. Through multi-sensory learning experiences that integrate geography, students will:
Develop comprehension of written and spoken Spanish.
Develop the ability to speak and write in Spanish.
Develop a global understanding of Spanish speaking culture, heritage, and history.
Appreciate diversity and the modern melting pot.

World Music Exploration: Ms. Sarah Burkey

In this new MDCS course, students are invited to travel the world through music and discover the roots of the music you enjoy today. Students will explore musical instruments and traditions from various parts of the globe. They will explore how musical traditions have evolved over time, birthing new genres and new instruments. Students will build skills, confidence, and self-expression through playing instruments and reading music. Together we will discover the role nature, technology, and geography play in musical traditions, and gain a greater appreciation of human diversity and ingenuity in making music. Students will be expected to practice collaboration and the art of listening.
This course integrates Geography, History, Natural Resources, Appalachian Studies.

Advanced Band: Ms. Sarah Burkey

Advanced band is for sixth-eighth grade students who have participated in band for at least one year. We will work towards playing scales, solos, and concert band music. In addition to providing a great musical opportunity to students, participation in middle school band prepares MDCS students to continue their studies in a high school band. Advanced band is moving to Tuesday, Thursday and is a commitment made for the whole year.

Teacher Assistants will be assigned as an assistant in an elementary classroom. Students will be expected to communicate absences to their supervising teacher, attend reliably, and be ready to work. Only one of your electives can be Teacher Assistant. Sixth graders are not eligible for this offering during the first quarter. Only qualified students will be placed as assistants. Make your second choices wisely.

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