Electives will be very different this year. We will have three choices. Elective A will meet on Monday and Wednesday during 5th period, Elective B will meet on Monday and Wednesday during 6th period, and Elective C will meet for a longer block on Tuesday during 5th and 6th periods.

Choices for Elective A: Yearbook, Ornithology, QUIET Music Lab/Piano, Spanish, Art Lab,
Choices for Elective B: Fiber Art, Music Lab/Piano, Sports, Study Hall, Teacher Assistant,
Choices for Elective C: Campus Improvement, Mural Painting, Cherokee Studies, Basic Cartography & Navigation, History Through Film, Dungeons & Dragons,

Students who are not in good academic standing will be required to attend study hall. We define good academic standing as a “C” average or better and current on all assignments. Teachers may require students to attend study hall if they miss a deadline for homework or class work.

Course Descriptions


Elective A

In Yearbook with Ms. Sarah, a small group of students will work to create and complete the 2019-20 MDCS Yearbook. Students must be capable of working independently with limited supervision. Students must practice craftsmanship and follow instructions. This elective is fun, but requires hard work and close attention to details.

QUIET Music Lab/PianoNo prior musical experience necessary. Learn to read music or play by ear. Learn the art of playing solos, duets, and collaborating as an ensemble. This class is for students serious about playing piano. Everyone will use headphones so they can enjoy exploring the piano without interruptions.

Spanish: Ms. Angie

Students will explore Spanish language through conversation, song (maybe some old school Shakira), reading (sometimes comics), writing, and cultural experiences. They will develop basic comprehension of written and spoken Spanish as well as a global understanding of Spanish speaking culture and heritage. There will be an emphasis on geography in the 4th quarter.

Art Lab: Ms. Krista

This class focuses primarily on two-dimensional techniques. Students will explore a variety of drawing and painting mediums while studying a variety of artists and their styles. The goal is for students to take risks, try new ideas and build on the creative process while developing their own artistic voice.

Ornithology: Ms. Blair

An elective for those who love nature and birds, we will learn about bird behavior, bird sounds, bird habitats, bird feathers and so much more! Bring a small nature journal to class, binoculars if you have them, and we will ID birds everywhere. Be prepared for indoor and outdoor expeditions during our ornithology adventure!

Elective B


Music Lab/Piano: Ms. Songbird

No prior musical experience necessary. Explore various instruments. Collaborate and improv beats and rhythms. Experience music from cultures around the world.

Fiber Art: Ms. Krista

In Fiber Art, students will explore and experiment with different techniques and materials related to textiles. Students will gain exposure to weaving, embroidery, felting, surface design and sewing. Students should be able to work independently and be able to solve problems.

Sports: Ms. Brook

Weightlifting/Yoga/Gymnastics and Lacrosse- Students will be actively engaging an body weight movements to increase strength and flexibility. Students will learn basic movements used in weightlifting and will use PVC until approved form is acquired then they will gradually add weight up to 55lb. The last 4 weeks students will learn the rules and basic skills of lacrosse. *Priority placement will be given to students who exhibit safe and respectful behavior on a regular basis.

Study Hall: Ms. Lisa Monnat

Study Hall is for motivated students who want to use a little more school time to complete homework and are capable of working independently. Qualifying students will be monitored by Ms. Lisa Monnat. Students will be placed based on their ability to be respectful of everyone's need for a "library-esque" atmosphere.

Teacher Assistants will be assigned as an assistant in an elementary classroom. Students will be expected to communicate absences to their supervising teacher, attend reliably, and be ready to work. Sixth graders are not eligible for this offering during the first quarter. Only qualified students will be placed as assistants. Make your second choices wisely.

Elective C


Campus Improvement: Mr. Henry

Students will survey the campus, create proposals and send them to Ms. Edie for approval, raise business support (Ingles, Lowes, Home Depot, Clampitts), create budgets and then put the projects into action! Painting, sporting equipment, power-washing, cleaning, planting, etc. are all possibilities. This class will encompass math (budgeting), creative thinking and writing (proposals), art (painting, graphic design), nature and hard work

Cherokee Studies: Ms. Songbird

Experience the Cherokee Language through stories, songs and visits with Tribal Elders. Learn more about the Smoky Mountains from the Cherokee People, their History, and Culture.

History Through Film: Ms. Sarah

Join History Through Film where we will watch great movies and deepen our understanding of history! Each quarter we will use Hollywood movies and documentaries to examine, analyze, and discuss a particular theme/topic in history. We will combine entertaining films and thoughtful, reflective discussions as we explore how the past influences our modern world. This quarter, we will be using films to explore social issue in our recent past.

Basic Cartography and Navigation: Mr. David

This course consists of two components, cartography (the science of making maps) and navigation. In the cartography section, students will learn basic map-reading and mapmaking skills and discover how maps can answer fundamental geographic questions. Learned skills will include how to read topographic maps and create geographic profiles between points. The navigation section will teach students to use topographic maps, coordinates, and compasses to navigate in isolated terrains. The course ends by challenging teams to utilize their new skills to navigate to an unknown location in Nantahala National Forest with only the aid of maps and compasses.

Dungeons & Dragons: Ms. Emily

Myth and imagination, storytelling and literacy, arithmetic and probability, character development and team building, cooperation and communication, … all of these and more are required to succeed in the many-faceted jewel of a game called Dungeons and Dragons. Dungeons and Dragons ("D&D") was created by gaming enthusiasts Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson in 1974. Since then, the game has spawned countless copies in the current world of computer role playing games (RPG's) that are so prevalent today. But instead of letting a computer roll the dice and dictate the game to you in pre-fabricated sentences and canned images, here it all takes place in the imagination of the players. Success is up to you and your team. If you want see where it all started, and you feel like you are up to the challenge, climb aboard.

Mural Painting: Ms. Krista

In this class students will learn the complete process of creating a mural. Students will plan ideas, propose ideas to the school administration, and finally work as a group to paint and complete the murals. Students must have the maturity to work independently and the ability to focus on craftsmanship in order to produce high quality work.

Interventions placements will be made by school staff. Students will be placed as required in one or two sections of this offering.

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