Electives will be very different this year. We will have three choices. Elective A will meet on Monday and Wednesday during 5th period, Elective B will meet on Monday and Wednesday during 6th period, and Elective C will meet for a longer block on Tuesday during 5th and 6th periods.

Choices for Elective A: Art and Social Justice, Cursive, Journalism, Piano, Spanish,
Choices for Elective B: Art Lab, Moving with Music-Yoga, Sports, Study Hall, Teacher Assistant,
Choices for Elective C: Campus Improvement, Ceramics & Sculpture, Cherokee Studies, EC Teacher Assistant, History Through Film,

Students who are not in good academic standing will be required to attend study hall. We define good academic standing as a “C” average or better and current on all assignments. Teachers may require students to attend study hall if they miss a deadline for homework or class work.

Course Descriptions

Elective A

Art and Social Justice: Ms. Krista

Can art change society? Can art transform the way we think, feel and act as individuals and as a group? These are just some of the questions that we will be exploring as we research how the arts have transformed society in the past and today. We will then use what we have researched to create unique artworks based on social issues within our school, regional and global communities.

Cursive: Ms. Brook

Placement in Cursive will be determined by Ms. Brook based on a writing sample from the first few days of school. Be sure to write illegilby if you'd like to be placed in this one quarter offering.

Journalism: Ms. Lisa

In Journalism, students experience in the many facets of journalism by writing and reporting about the many wonderful learning opportunities that all grades participate in at MDCS. Student work will be edited and shared with the community through online social media as well as local newspapers. Together, we will make it an exciting, enriching, and fun learning environment for students to discover their strengths as a journalist.

Piano: Ms. Sarah Burkey

In this course, we'll learn the foundation of playing any musical instrument, from reading music to playing by ear. We'll also learn the art of playing solos, duets, and collaborating as an ensemble. Those interested in playing brass band instruments (trumpet, french horn) should take this class as well. Knowledge of the keyboard, reading music, and ensemble skills will translate to any instrument.

Spanish: Ms. Angie

Students will explore Spanish language through conversation, song (maybe some old school Shakira), reading (sometimes comics), writing, and cultural experiences. They will develop basic comprehension of written and spoken Spanish as well as a global understanding of Spanish speaking culture, heritage and geography.

Elective B

Art Lab: Ms. Krista

This class focuses primarily on two-dimensional techniques. Students will explore a variety of drawing and painting mediums while studying a variety of artists and their styles. The goal is for students to take risks, try new ideas and build on the creative process while developing their own artistic voice.

Moving with Music/Yoga: Ms. Sarah Burkey

Connect with music from around the world. Improve your balance, strength, flexibility, and self-esteem as we calm the mind and unwind while learning a variety of yoga poses.

Sports: Ms. Brook

Offerings will be flag football and ultimate frisbee. Please remember that along with playing games, students are required to learn skills, run, do push ups, sit ups, work hard, and have fun!

Study Hall: TBA

Study Hall is for motivated students who want to use a little more school time to complete homework and are capable of working independently. Qualifying students will be monitored by a yet to be named staff member. Students will be placed based on their ability to be respectful of everyone's need for a "library-esque" atmosphere.

Teacher Assistants will be assigned as an assistant in an elementary classroom. Students will be expected to communicate absences to their supervising teacher, attend reliably, and be ready to work. Sixth graders are not eligible for this offering during the first quarter. Only qualified students will be placed as assistants. Make your second choices wisely.

Elective C

Campus Improvement: Mr. Henry

Students will survey the campus, create proposals and send them to Ms. Edie for approval, raise business support (Ingles, Lowes, Home Depot, Clampitts), create budgets and then put the projects into action! Painting, sporting equipment, power-washing, cleaning, planting, etc. are all possibilities. This class will encompass math (budgeting), creative thinking and writing (proposals), art (painting, graphic design), nature and hard work

Cherokee Studies: Ms. Sarah Burkey

Learn more about the Smoky Mountains from the Cherokee People, their history, and culture. Students will xperience the Cherokee Language and history through stories, songs and visits with Tribal Elders.

EC Student Intern: Ms. Tracy

EC Student Interns will be splitting their time between administrative duties and helping the EC staff work with K-3 students in small groups. During the first part of the block, the intern will help with filing, making copies, and other various tasks. The majority of the block, will be spent assisting the EC staff in working with K-3 students in small groups or one-one-one to help them develop better social and behavioral skills. This could be teaching them turn-taking by playing games, working on communication skills on the playground, or helping to demonstrate leaned skills from the structured curriculum. This position is great for students who are interested in teaching and requires a strong sense of responsibility. Only 2 students will be placed in this offering, so make your second choice wisely.

History Through Film: Ms. Sarah Rave

Join History Through Film where we will watch great movies and deepen our understanding of history! Each quarter we will use Hollywood movies and documentaries to examine, analyze, and discuss a particular theme/topic in history. We will combine entertaining films and thoughtful, reflective discussions as we explore how the past influences our modern world. This quarter, we will be exploring the roles of women in history using films like Hidden Figures, Norma Rae, Evita, Suffragette, and more.

Sculpture: Ms. Krista

In this class students look at the world in three-dimensions. Students will build and sculpt their ideas based on the techniques and methods of a variety of artists from different time periods. Students will gain exposure and experiment with a variety of 3-D materials and methods.

Interventions placements will be made by school staff on Monday, August 5th. Students will be placed as required in one or two sections of this offering.

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