Empowering our Students
      Empowers our Community

Mountain Discovery Charter School


Music for Everyone

The students at Mountain Discovery Charter School enhance their core education by participating in music classes. They are encouraged to learn about themselves, their surroundings, their heritage, and their diversities through the music program.


The Music Program at MDCS serves the entire school community. Children learn about and develop an understanding and apprecation for music through listening, creating, performing and movement. 


Music Class is.....

Creating - Learning about music and musical notation.  Using sounds, instruments and voices to create and express original and improvised musical ideas.


Performing - Playing written and improvised music individually, in a group, for the class, school or community.  Developing respect for the performances and musical ideas of others. 


Responding - Listening to and/or watching recordings, performances, sounds and stories, then responding appropriately with movement, musical accompaniment, reactions, ideas and critiques.   


Understanding - Learning about music history and the people and cultures that have shaped music and our society.  Understanding the important role that music plays in our world, society and culture, and how music relates to the other arts, as well as science, math, language arts and social studies.


While using the North Carolina Standard Course of Study (which is based on the MENC National Standards for Music Education) as a guide, students become musically literate with a quality program that addresses the learning needs of the whole child. Studies in music address the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and aesthetic development of children. This also allows the students to be successful because the various learning styles and intelligences of each child are addressed.




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