IV, Madison, Ms Janet and Chloe on their way to their way to the Discovery Museum
Danielle stays dry!
Learning a lot at the Gettysburg National Cemetary
Jet is hard at work
Galen practices Solitude and Reflection
Wyatt thinks water is fun!
Madison learns about electricity
Caleb, Jake P, Trey & IV learn about music
Jake P, Wyatt, Zac & Galen play checkers!


An Adventure in Chattanooga

One of the major events for Mountain Discovery Charter School’s 5th grade during the 2011-2012 school year was to go to Chattanooga, TN for three days, accompanied by teacher Janet Smith, John Mordhorst, and several parents. Students explored the geology of Cloudland Canyon State Park and delved into US history of the Civil War by visiting the National Cemetery, the Chickamauga Battlefields and Lookout Mountain. This fabulous field experience was an amazing opportunity to combine aspects of both the Science and Social Studies 5th grade North Carolina Standard Course of Study. The following three-part series was written collectively by 5th grade students. Students also create this wonderful Powerpoint presentation.  


Chattanooga's Children's Discovery Museum
Day One:
By Danielle, JJ, Chelsey, and Madison

Our 5th grade class from Mountain Discovery Charter School visited the Children's Discovery Museum on the first day of our Chattanooga, TN school trip. We went upstairs and saw how hard it is to be in a wheel chair as an old person. It is hard to turn the wheel chair. Next, we saw how the motion of a dam works. A little waterfall flowed down a river and we could block the flow of water by closing a gate. There was also a draw bridge over the river that could be controlled by pulling a string up. We could shoot water at a spinner that would go round and round at the top with balls that would spin. Later we saw how a track works and got to build our own little car for the track. When we pressed a button our cars would go around the track. We also saw how electricity works by viewing it in a glass sphere. Also we learned that in a beehive there are many worker bees that protect the queen and that the queen spends all of her day laying eggs. A really cool piano was there we played that would copy and replay the same notes that we had played. There were a lot of things to learn and do at the Children's Discovery Museum.

Then we headed off to our lodge at Cloudland Canyon State Park where we stayed for two nights.


Day Two:
By Jake K, Jake P, Somersey, and Zach

While on our three day field trip to Chattanooga, TN, our 5th grade class went to the Chickamauga Battlefield and Museum. At the museum, we answered some questions about the Civil War while doing a scavenger hunt. Later we walked into a forest on the Chickamauga Battlefield. There our 5th grade met an actor named Bill dressed like a farmer from Michigan during the days of the Civil War. He told us he and his wife had four sons and one daughter. Two of his sons had already died in the Civil War, one fighting for the North and the other for the South at two different battles. The two other sons were now lost in war but Bill did not know where they were lost. His daughter had died when she was a toddler. After Bill told us his story, he left us and we went back to the museum to look in the gift shop. When 30 minutes had passed, we left the gift shop and stopped four times on battlefields to look at some monuments to soldiers who fought in that battle.


The Craven's House
Day Three:
By Chandler and Cameron

The MDCS fifth grade class went to Chattanooga, TN to study the Civil War. On the third day we went to Lookout Mountain to see the Civil War battleground there and to take a picture of the Tennessee River down below us. After that we hiked on a trail .5 miles to the Craven's House because it was a made into a headquarters for the North and the South. It was destroyed by musket fire and cannonballs during the war. After the war the people who had lived there rebuilt their house and it's still standing today. Then we took a picture of it also. The MDCS fifth grade had a grand time in Chattanooga.

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