November 20, 2013

I’ve never been so proud of a 62.4%.

Our 2013 performance composite is 62.4% (169 test scores of 3 or better out of a total of 271 EOG and EOC tests administered in the spring of 2013). More importantly, we exceeded growth expectations for the third time in the past four years. (We met growth expectations the fourth year).*

Taken in the context of more rigorous standards which resulted in lower numbers across the state, our test scores are very good.** Highlights from our extraordinary testing season are listed below.

The exceptional performance of our seventh and eighth grade warrants further analysis. The following list shows how they ranked in the individual tests as compared to the 805 other middle schools in North Carolina.

All of these rankings place us in the top 4% or higher.

While this is an exceptional year, these staggering numbers are not an anomaly. Our middle school has exceeded state averages by a significant margin for the past four years. The best part about it is that both students and teachers thoroughly enjoy the process. These outstanding test results are validation that making learning fun, engaging, and relevant for our children gives them the tools they need to succeed in the world at large. The scores also confirm something that I have begun saying to kindergarten parents at the beginning of each year. “Our K-8 experience is a nine year process that happens at a different pace for every individual. If you enroll your child in kindergarten and remain with MDCS through the eighth grade, you will be very happy with the results. Your child will enter 9th grade as a well adjusted, critical thinker who is prepared for the educational quantum leap to high school.” As a parent of an MDCS alumnus and a currently enrolled eighth grader, I can personally attest to the wonderful results of an MDCS education.

All of our teachers are to be applauded for these results which are a team effort beginning with the foundation so artfully laid by Ms. Kristin and Mr. Jonathan in kindergarten.

As an administrator, I feel blessed to be surrounded by such a skilled and caring staff. As a parent, I am even more blessed to have had MDCS as an option for my children’s education.


Carter Petty

* The state uses End of Grade tests to track both proficiency and growth on an individual basis. A student is deemed proficient if s/he scores 3 or better on the appropriate EOG. Target scores are calculated based on the preceding year’s EOG score. If a student meets or exceeds his/her individual target scores in reading and math, s/he has meet growth expectations. Schools are judged by performance composite (percentage of students testing as proficient) and growth status (percentage of students making growth).

** For more information on the increased level of rigor, follow this link.

*** Our EOG version of the Mason-Dixon Line follows the eastern boundaries of Avery, McDowell, Buncombe, and Henderson counties and includes all land to the west. See this North Carolina map to get the visual image.

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